September 18, 2021

Ms Redhill

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

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At Ms Redhill, we want our customer to remember us as not just another organic retailer. We want our customer to remember us as a real-life brick and mortar social sharing stall. We want to share what we learned with the customer.

We found that there are so many healthy eating knowledge of Vegetables and Fruits. Some of this knowledge is proven by generation, some are new adventurous recipe, some methods are personal finding and of course, some are accidental discovery. There are so many small talks in our stall that we just like to share it all.

As an example, we are asked so many times, “What green vegetables are suitable and safe for newborn”

Come chat with us, we like to share the answers with you!

At Ms Redhill, we are proud to provide our customer with healthy range and speciality products:

  • Singapore farm Pesticide-free Vegetables.
  • Certified Organic Vegetables.
  • Carefully selected Seasonal Fruits.
  • Last but not least, we also carry your everyday vegetables.

We try very hard to not just provide vegetables and fruits. We want to provide the customer with WOW when they come to us and found that there are much more than “just another vegetables” or “just another fruits”.