August 3, 2021

Ms Redhill

Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Delivery Service Template

Delivery Service to to your door step

Join our DELIVERY Whatsapp Group Chat. We send out any special/promotion in the Group Chat. 

Go to our order website.


  • Specify your Name and Address and Phone number, 
  • Select the date of delivery (at the moment we only delivery on Wednesday and Friday).
  • Order of sgd80 will get free delivery
  • Payment must be made on the day of order.
  • Payment must be made to through PayNow. 
  • Products subject to availability. 
Step 1
Join Whatsapp

To order our Delivery Service, join this group chat

Please send us a private message on SMS, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger on

+65 9001 0476

We will send you a direct link to our Whatsapp Group Chat

Step 2
Received special promotion
Step 3
Order items from the orderwebsite

Click the button to order and send to Ms Rehill through Whatsapp

Step 4
Make Payment using PayNow



Step 5
Fresh Produce will delivery to you specify locaton